Naples Residential Recycling

Frequently Asked Questions

From, the website for the Solid Waste Management Department

1. Is residential recycling mandatory in Collier County?
Recycling is only mandatory for non-residential units in Collier County. See our Business Recycling section of this website for more information on business recycling. Florida State Legislature mandated in 1988 that Florida counties with populations over 50,000 must implement recycling programs with a 30% recycling rate by 1994. To reach this goal Collier County implemented a recycling program for single-family homes in 1990, a program for multi-family homes in 1994 and a mandatory non-residential recycling ordinance in 2004. The same recyclables are collected from all residents but the collection system and billing might be different for single-family and multi-family homes. Because recycling is one step toward protecting our natural resources and reducing the dependancy on landfill space, all residents are encouraged to recycle.

2. Will recycling lower my garbage bill?
No, but it may in the future. In the long run, when everyone recycles, less landfill space is used, more resources are saved and the environment is protected. Your garbage bill represents all your solid waste services, including twice weekly curbside garbage collection, 10 containers/bundles of yard waste weekly, bulky items and recycling collection. In addition to curbside collection, residents can drop off many items at county operated recycling centers without charge.

3. How do I get my first recycling container for my new home?
If you have just moved into a newly constructed home in Collier County and have your certificate of occupancy, you can call Solid Waste Customer Service at 403-2380, Monday - Friday, 8:00am -5:00pm to order your new recycling container. It will be delivered within 2-3 weeks. Remember the container is assigned to the home not the homeowner. If you move leave the container with the home.

4. How do I get additional containers if I recycle a lot?
For additional containers you can call Waste Management Customer Service at 649-2212 and request an additional container. Homeowners must pay for additional containers through Waste Management. It will take between 2-3 weeks for the container to be delivered.

5. How do I get a replacement container if mine is stolen, run over or broken?
Call Customer Service at 403-2380 to make arrangements to replace your recycling container.

6. What day do I set out my recycling container?
Please call Customer Service at 403-2380 to determine what day your curbside recycling is picked up on your street.

7. What time should I set out my recycling container?
Local Ordinance 99-51 Section 7, states that your recycling container, yard waste, garbage container, and bulky items are not to be set out before 6:00 PM the evening before your actual collection day. Empty containers should be removed the same day as collected. Violations carry a $100.00 fine.

8. What items can I put in my single-family curbside recycling container?
You can place all paper products; newspapers, paper bags, office paper, junk mail, phone books, catalogs, magazines, plastic grocery bags, food trays, egg cartons, cereal/food boxes and cardboard (flattened and cut to 3x3 size) All plastics # 1 through # 7. All clear, green and brown glass bottles and jars. All steel, tin and aluminum cans.

9. How do I prepare my recyclables for curbside pick-up?
Please remove food residue from all items. Place all recyclable items together in the curbside container.

10. How do I recycle if I live in a multi-family complex without separate curbside containers?
Multi-family complexes should have large recycling containers used by multiple residents. These containers are marked "paper" and "commingled". All paper products including newspaper, junk mail, office paper, magazines, catalogs, phonebooks, cereal/food boxes and flatted cardboard (3x3 in size) go into the paper container. All other items including aluminum/steel/tin cans and brown/clear/green glass, egg cartons, food trays and plastic grocery bags go into the commingled container.

11. What can I do with my plastic grocery bags, styrofoam egg cartons and food tray?
You can now place these items in your recycling container. In addition most supermarkets in Collier County have in store collection containers for plastic bags and styrofoam food containers.

12. What can I do with the styrofoam packing peanuts?
Packing peanuts and clean bubble wrap can be reused. Most privately owned mailing stations will accept them for reuse if you drop them off. Check the yellow pages for a mailing station near your home.

13. Where can I take large amounts of cardboard for recycling?
Cardboard can be taken to several drop-off locations around the county or to one of the Recycling Centers. There is no charge for recycling large amounts of cardboard.

14. How do I recycle or dispose of paint, oil and other hazardous products?
Most items can be taken by home owners to the Recycling Centers at no cost. There is also a Household Hazardous Waste Center inside the Naples Landfill.

15. What do I do with batteries, dispose of them or recycle? Are they considered hazardous?
Alkaline batteries are not hazardous. All non-rechargeable A, C, and D cell batteries can be disposed of in your household trash. Other batteries such as those found in hearing aids, cell/cordless phones, cameras and rechargeable batteries have toxic substances such as nickel, cadmium or lithium in them and should be recycled. All lead acid batteries for cars, trucks, boats, tractors, motorcycles, etc. are hazardous waste and are required to be recycled or disposed of properly. These items can be dropped off at the Recycling Centers or the Household Hazardous Waste Center inside the landfill.

16. What do I do with my used car tires?
Call Customer Service at 403-2380 for a special pick-up. Tires are included in your annual garbage assessment as bulky items. Residents are permitted to dispose of up to four tires a month. Tires do not have to be removed from rims.

17. What do I do with bulky items such as furniture, appliances and electronics?
Remember Items which are in usable or working condition should always be considered for reuse. Donate the items or put a free ad in the paper. Call Customer Service at 403-2380 to schedule a bulky item pick-up. The recycling or disposal of these items is included in your annual garbage assessment.

18. What do I do with my yard waste?
Yard waste can be placed at curbside for collection. Call Customer Service at 403-2380 if you need to know your yard waste collection day. Yard waste can be placed in up to 35 gallon personal containers or paper bags weighing less than fifity (50) pounds, the waste shall not extend above the top of the curbside container over twelve (12) inches. Yard waste that is not containerized shall be bundled and securely tied with cord or material strong enough to support the bundle. The bundles shall not exceed fifty (50) pounds in weight nor exceed four (4) feet in length. Branches will not exceed four (4) inches in diameter. Do not use plastic bags for yard waste. Yard waste will not be picked up if not set out properly.

19. What do I do with my dead Christmas tree?
Christmas trees can be set out curbside on your regular yard waste day. Multi-family residents can bring their trees to the Recycling Centers for mulching. Call Customer Service at 403-2380 if you need to know your yard waste collection day.

20. Who can use the recycling centers?
The Recycling Centers can be used by all residents and businesses within Collier County.

21. What items can be taken to a recycling center?
The following items can be dropped off at the Recycling Centers; all plastics #1 through #7, food trays, egg cartons, aluminum cans, antifreeze (10 gallon limit), appliances, car batteries, catalogs, cooking oil (10 gallon limit) coorugated cardboard,electronics, fluorescent lamps, glass bottles & jars (green, brown & clear) hazardous waste, junk mail, magazines, mercury devices, motor oil (10 gallon limit), newspaper, ni-cad/rechargeable batteries, office paper, paint, paper grocery bags, phone books, plastic grocery bags, scrap aluminum, scrap metals, steel cans, textiles, tin cans, transmission/hydraulic fluid (10 gallon limit)

22. Where are the Recycling Centers located and when are they open?

Carnestown Recycling Center
U.S. 41 East & State Road 29
Carnestown, Fl
Phone: 239-695-4331
Hours: Monday and Saturday, 8 am - 5 pm

Immokalee Recycling Center
700 Stockade Road
Immokalee, Fl 34142
Phone: 239-657-6566
Hours: Mondays - Saturdays, 8 am - 5 pm

Marco Island Recycling Center
771 East Elcam Circle
Marco Island, Fl 34145
Phone: 239-394-2134
Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 8 am - 5 pm

Naples Recycling Center
2640 West Enterprise Avenue
Naples, Fl 34104
Phone 239-643-3099
Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 8 am - 5 pm